Portable / Outdoors
Siphon Water Filter
Model: PF721
Filter Lifespan:7000 L
Flow rate: 5L/hr
Source Water: Fresh water
Size: 8×5.5×16cm
Weight: 200g
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Product details

Pure Easy Siphon Water Filter PF721 provides up to 7000 liters of safe (exceeds USEPA standards), drinkable water at 5 liters per hour. PF721's simplicity design minimizes cost and makes using and cleaning easy for everyone. Its patented ceramic membrane cartridge provides laboratory certified filtration effectiveness of 6 log (99.9999%) bacteria reduction. This filter is great for disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

Field-tested Longevity

· Up to 7000 liters of laboratory certified safe drinking water

· Easy to maintain filter cartridge


Patented Multi-stage Filter

· Ceramic filters out sediments, rust, suspensions, solid particulate matter and microorganisms

· NMC filter media removes heavy metals, residual microorganisms, and organic chemicals


Laboratory certified performance

· 99.9999% bacteria removal

· 99.99% protozoan cysts removal

· 99% turbidity removal

· 0.1 micron ceramic cartridge

· Removes heavy metal ions

· Removes organic chemicals

· Improves taste


Using Instructions

· Find a container filled with water from any fresh water source (lake, pond, river, puddle) and put the ceramic filter inside. Squeeze the ball valve to pump water out of the filter. Hang the output hose and the ball valve below the container for continuous flow.

· Clean the filter cartridge surface with clean water and apply the provided abrasive paper if visible buildup is present.


Replacement Filter

· Filter cartridge needs to be replaced after its 7000L capacity is reached.

· Recommended replacement time is 6 months of regular use

· Seek replacement filter is any breakage, cracks, or holes appear on the ceramic surface

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